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Be.Face, a not for profit organization, is a network of companies pooling their resources to facilitate the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups.

Bright Future - mentoring scheme for students

Bright Future is a free mentoring scheme for talented students, designed to facilitate their transition from higher education to employment.

Executives and managers from companies and associations guide motivated students towards a better understanding of the world of work.

Are you a student?

  • Are you coming to the end of your BA2 or BA3 or just starting your Masters?
  • Do you want to learn about the world of work?
  • Do you face an economic, cultural, social and/or community obstacle to the workplace?

Bright Future pairs you with a company or association executive to enable you to:

  • learn about their professional life;
  • benefit from their experience;
  • meet other professionals to expand your network;
  • get involved in their work;
  • receive methodological support and assistance in your career choices;
  • participate in workshops.                                            

The aim of the workshops organised for Bright Future students is to provide them with knowledge that is not provided by their studies. Workshops are always organised for small
groups of no more than 15 people, and run by employees wishing to share their knowledge and experience. A fine addition to any degree!

Students can join our Bright Future community on social networks.


Are you an executive or manager of a company or association?

Share your experience and knowledge of the world of work with students from less privileged backgrounds.

Support talented, driven students by introducing them to professionals from a range of sectors in order to:

  • show them the world of work;
  • offer methodological support and assistance in making decisions;
  • facilitate the start of their career;
  • expand their network.

Through practical exercises and role playing, the training offered to mentors is intended to provide them with a set of skills and techniques to facilitate their discussions with students. However, these new interpersonal skills can be used not only in mentoring, but are also helpful to the mentors in a private or professional capacity. These training sessions are first and foremost an ideal forum for discussions between current and future mentors from various member companies.

Future mentors can find us on LinkedIn.

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